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Krorma Magazine, the Japanese guideboook published in Cambodia, is the one of the industry’s leading and up to date travel information magazines available. Krorma Magazine established in October of 2006, giving useful travel information, interesting cultural facts and features, up to date business directory, an extensive photo library and lifestyle articles that provide an informative and yet entertaining experience for the readers.

A side from being circulated in Cambodia, Krorma Magazine is provided to our branches in Japan as well as various travel agent partners and tour planners as well.

Krorma is also being circulated in our Indochina offices and have basically become a handy and preferred travel companion by Japanese Tourists.

Size: A5 (H210 x W148)
No. of Pages: 150-200 pages (changable)
No. of Printing: 8,500 copies
Frequency: Every 2 months (6 times a year)
Language: Japanese
Distribution: Cambodia,Japan,Vietnam

Advertisement Rates

Map AD$60
1/12 page$144
1/4 page$330
1/2 page$462
Full Standard Page$825
Special Page (Full page)$880
Inside Cover (Left)$1485
Inside Cover (Right)$1320
Inside Back Cover (Left)$990
Inside Back Cover (Right)$1485
Back Cover$1980

・These Prices are for one (1) issue only
・All prices are in US dollars
・50% deposit required
・Prices do not include 10% VAT


素敵なカンボジアに出会う小旅行へ―The trip to encounters unknown cambodia